Measure of the Gods

R.P. Selegin

Summary. The Monograph describes derivation of the antediluvian civilization fundamental measure. It narrates about existence of advanced science in this civilization, a constituent part of which was the unified measurement system.

From a circumference and a square interrelation specific conditions were derived the fundamental cyclic number and the fundamental proportion. In their turn the circumference and the square are derived from the Primary Point on the basis of a primordial philosophic paradigm which is being reconstructed and reflected in the World ancient philosophies, myths and monuments. The paradigm is the basis for cosmology and a unified spatiotemporal system of measures. It is established that the proportion widely appears in the physics of celestial bodies. Thus the proportion appears in gravitational constants, in celestial body cycles which are primarily shown for the Earth and the Moon. The spread of the proportion appearance and its high cyclic stability in the Earth physics point at the possibility of using the proportion as a fundamental and a universal measure. On the basis of this single proportion with the use of a fundamental cyclic number derivative are constructed an elementary basic parametric Earth gravitational field and Earth form model, the parameters of which coincide with modern data. An amazing simplicity and accuracy of the model can substitute a complex approximation of the Earth with a spheroid. On the basis of this model is constructed the Great Pyramid of Giza geometry. It is shown that the proportion penetrates the complete pyramidal complex at the Giza plateau. Therefore was initiated the reading of the Giza Stone Book – a unique reference book in physics. There was shown an approach for reading (decryption) of the whole complex. The complex reveals the presence of the number of the gods (the ancient Earth race) and the triad of the fundamental cyclic numbers given to the Earth’s nations. From the proportion was derived the Alexander Thom Megalithic Yard conclusion (Oxford University) which had been found out by him from the measurement of the Stone Age megalithic structures within the vast European territory. The fundamental proportion is the main component of the unified system of measures which is being reconstructed and on the basis of which is built up a theoretical metrology – the existing but nowadays unknown science. It was said about the place of the theoretical metrology and a modern science in the science of the gods. The purpose of the present work is to show the philosophic and mathematical derivation of the fundamental universal measure unknown to modern science, and a wide range of its application as well as to show how it combines with well-known measures within theoretical metrology.