The Unified Measurement System of the Gods

R.P. Selegin

Summary. The Monograph describes the origination of the unified spatially-temporal measurement system in philosophic paradigm of some ancient antediluvian civilization. It also shows that the paradigm is a basis of the fundamental science called the Science of the Gods which correlates both with the modern science data and ancient myth-making understandings both of religious nature.

The notion of the “Highest” was determined. The concise formulation and detailed explanation of the notion are presented. The certain state of the Highest (or the Nature) as well as logic and mathematic were used to develop schematic model of the world creation, formation and destruction. It was shown that the circle and the square interrelation described in the “Measure of the Gods” refers to the world creation model or to the world creation physics. The unified spatial-temporary system is denoted with double number MG () which previously was derived from the circle and square interrelation. The unified measurement system originated from the antediluvian philosophic paradigm gives a meter and second theoretical values that coincide with their modern values. The unified measurement system is the basis of the reconstructed science – the theoretical metrology. It is evidenced that the modern science obviously borrowed the meter and the second measure units from ancient civilizations. On the basis of the world creation model the origin of sexagesimal and vigesimal count systems and the circle division by 360 parts were explained. In cosmogony and cosmology sphere the creation model explains origination of such cosmic objects shape and circulation as spiral galaxy, it explains origin of the substance and mathematics. The model can be used as an ideological basis for the practical cosmogony formation. The physical meaning of the golden proportion is discovered. The Highest transformation from the creation to destruction denotes the most important law of the Substance expansion to the forms with the forms losing their Substance. The Law expression in the society vital functions is demonstrated with the example of the substance loss by such sciences as mathematics, metrology, jurisprudence, economy, as well as the spiritual values loss. The Law explains how the society developed materialistic understandings and predicts the consequences of their domination.

The Earth astrophysical parameters analysis was continued in order to find the proportion MG (51.853974…) in their values. The multiple expression of the proportion in the Earth cycles was discovered. The artificial expression of the proportion in the Maya calendar system is mentioned. A unified numerical structure of the calendar system was discovered. There is every reason to believe that the Maya calendar system was inherited from some great civilization.

The reading and identification of the Second Pyramid (Khafre, Khephren) in Giza was commenced. The parametric models of the earth day and the Earth orbital circulation were discovered in the Pyramid geometry. It was discovered that the Second Pyramid number is the foot number 31 which reflects in the Earth daily and orbital parameters, as well as in the parameters characterizing the earth spheroid. The number 31 was also discovered in the Ancient Egypt boundary diagram, which geometry correlates with the Second Pyramid geometry. Following the First Pyramid (the Earth shape model described in the “Measure of the Gods”) and the Second Pyramid (the Earth cycle models) a parametric model was discovered in the boundary diagram of Egypt that unites the time and the Earth shape parameters. The physical fundamentals of the Ancient Egypt most important geographic measures were stated, i.e. the geographic foot and athura. These measures derive from the Earth round cross giving origin to the second and meter. The cross notion has a fundamental significance in the world creation physics.

The understanding of the fundamental philosophy or the cosmic philosophy, or the Science on the Highest, or the Science of the Gods is to some extent expressed in modern studies of ancient cultures. Two of such researches were analyzed. In some way the oldest philosophic paradigm penetrates all cultures of the world. These works help to understand the phenomenon of the MG (MY) expansion from the unified source to the world continents: Africa, America and Europe.

It is explained in what way the religious understanding of the God originated from the scientific notion of the Highest. Comprehensible is that the science and religion are two related antagonistic aspects which in their own ways represent one integral unit – the Science of the Gods.



Author’s Note

The “Unified Measurement System of the Gods” was written as a sequel to the “Measure of the Gods”, although the MG is just a part of the UMSG, which should be placed between the cosmic reconstructed philosophy and the spatial-temporal measurement system origin description. Such position would be logically justified because the dual number MG () is derived, on the one hand, from the world creation physics as a part of the cosmic philosophy and, on the other hand, it is a unified measurement system basis. Since the unified measurement system originates from the scientific understanding of the Highest, the “unified measurement system” phrase can be understood as a wider notion defined by the fact that the unified measure of every existing thing is the Highest. The original book was conceived as a description of the reconstructed theoretical metrology basics, but considering the growing cultural and moral crisis much attention was also given to the human society development basics, the main reason of its accelerated degradation and the ways of social decay prevention. Such combination of the subjects is quite reasonable and natural for the Science of the Gods as both the physical measures and human standards of behavior (same as the whole existential world) are defined by the Highest image, His logical and mathematical basis, unified and supreme laws for all existing things.

The point of the book is a scientific notion of the Highest. Here it is shown in a more evident form than in the “Measure of the Gods” since more attention is paid to the Highest transformation logic than to His mathematical expression. The term “Highest” is mainly used in religions but this term use in cosmic philosophy cannot be considered as a borrowed one due to its significant difference in the content. The difference lies in the fact that in the cosmic philosophy the term notion has rational definition and description. The term was chosen because it simply, concisely and clearly reflects the described no-man phenomenon. The Highest means that there is nothing higher than Him, He includes everything existing and non-existing, He is universal. The Highest notion can be given a short definition and it is given, but it will rather hard for unprepared reader to recognize its substantial content. Thus the entire chapter 1 is dedicated to the notion explanation. Since there is nothing over the Highest this notion is of the paramount importance for people in all spheres of their lives. The degree of this notion loss both in human everyday life and in life of the entire state will influence the velocity of the society regress.

I would like to explain that the Highest scientific notion is not the author’s “invention”. To all appearances it was known to people for a long time, so long that it is hard to determine the time of its origin. And it is impossible to determine since the notion is eternal and ineradicable and it exists independently of human will; people can only affect completeness and forms of its description. The author undertook the responsibility to investigate the issue and based on the ancient tales and modern scientific data he started to reconstruct the Science founded on this notion. The work commenced with the influence of the historical process current moment determined by the Highest transformation cycles rather than the author’s will and wish. We are all His children – both humble and naughty.

The modern science develops invalidly and one-sidedly as it wallows in specialties and materialism and it does not see the Universal. Only the Universal can clean up human minds leading to order both in their affairs and relations. Ancient people saw and understood the Universal and His order. Benedict Spinoza noted: “Sometimes scientists for a long time climb the mountain of knowledge. And once reaching the top they see that theologists are there already”. It can be added that modern mythologists are far ahead of modern physicians on the way of the world creation physics cognition, they are faster in climbing the “mountain of knowledge”. It is easy to explain. The mythologists, the ancient civilization researchers, scrupulously and largely study ancient cultures and make overall picture from pearls of the Universal expression; The physicians dealing with cosmogony-cosmology wallow in their most complicated mathematical fancies and unable to see the woods for the trees. First of all the Universal is the Simplicity. There is nothing simpler than the Great Emptiness where the Universal-Highest lives before His awakening, before the birth of the Universe. The book is dedicated to interrelation of the Universal and the particular.

The book represents fundamentals of theoretical metrology and cosmic philosophy; discernment of the Giza complex is continued and the Ancient Egypt boundary diagram recognition is started. Thereat, the directions of further researches in the Science of the Gods development are defined.