On Nothingness and Duality as the Basis of Natural Science*

R.P. Selegin

Review. The author of the article provides an insight into the Concept of Absolute Unity of the World and the Model of Origin of the Universe from Nothingness where the principle of duality triggered transformation of the invisible Nothingness into the material Universe and vice versa. The Concept reconstructs the ancient scientific paradigm that involves the fundamental law of form development. The Model offers a solution of crisis problems of the materialistic paradigm in cosmology and society. The Model also shows the ontological origin of mathematics and the uniform system of spatial and temporal measures. The Concept does not reject the materialistic paradigm but includes this paradigm into the law of form development. The author of the article shows that Western physical scientists have had actual grounds to appeal to God when explaining the origin of the Universe. The analysis of the particular features of Nothingness and the Universe demonstrates that those features were used to form the art of religious myth-making, in particular, the definition of God in monotheistic teachings. The Concept can be also used to create the general physical theory as well as prevention of the degradation processes in the modern society.

Keywords: cosmological model, Absolute Unity of the World, origin of the Universe, duality, nothing, the Great Nothingness, groundlessness, crisis of the materialistic paradigm, law of form development, prevention of social degradation.

* Selegin R.P. On Nothingness and Duality as the Basis of Natural Science // NB: Philosophy researches. — 2013. – № 12. – С.195-227. DOI: 10.7256/2306-0174.2013.12.10087. URL: http://e-notabene.ru/fr/article_10087.html