Philosophy of the Space Origin: the First Day, Trinity and Empirics

R.P. Selegin

Review. The author of the book provides an insight into the new Concept of Absolute Unity of the World and the Model from Nothingness. Through formalized philosophy the events of the first cycle-type day of the Universe origin are defined as the supreme human value existed in Ancient Egypt. The author presents the logical cause of permanent loss of this value by humanity. When comparing the cycle-type day to ancient myths and teachings, the origin ontology of trinity is specified along with the definition of its three major types. The sacred knowledge on the Universe origin was transferred within thousands of years and resulted in displaying on the coat armor of Russia. Thus, the true Russian national idea and its coming historical mission were revealed. The Model, being universal, can also be used in the natural sciences. Revealed is the nature of gravity and antigravity, as well as isotropy and anisotropy of the Universe. In the article the author explains such cosmological phenomena as dark energy and dark matter, and some astrophysical effects which defy explanation in terms of the modern European science. The reviewed phenomena and effects may become the confirmation of the concept truth, and the very concept can restore the original truth notion of the philosophy.

Keywords: Russian national idea, the Universe origin, Model from Nothingness, supreme human value, three types of trinity, Ancient Egyptian cult of creation, prime elements, coat armor of Russia, gravity and antigravity, isotropy and anisotropy.