The Revival of Philosophical Science: the Russian National Idea of the Natural Path of Development

R.P. Selegin

Abstract. Herein are examined the key points of the history of mankind in the last 52 centuries, events which occurred mainly in Eurasia and north-eastern Africa. Attention is paid to events related to the place and time of the existence of states and their relationships, as well as the formation and dissemination of spiritual cultures (religion, philosophy, science) and their space-time relationships. In the analysis of history, the research results obtained by the paleoclimatologist V.V. Klimenko are used; he considers the conditioning of historical events around the same period from the point of view of climatic determinism. The entire historical period of mankind is considered with the aim of discovering the most general laws of development of the spiritual and material aspects of the life of civilization in the aspect of dual analysis, suggesting the identification of the relations between the feminine (F) and the masculine (M) origins in the process of historical development. The dual FM-analysis of history has been done for the first time. It uses the previously discovered existence on the Earth’s surface of an octahedral structure that in a similar way influences the formation of both the surface of the planet, and the mentality of the peoples of the world, as well as the supposed influence on the historical process of precession rotation of the earth’s axis. The presented analysis of history is made within the framework of the hermeneutical circle methodology, where the generals are the model is from Nothing, and the particular data are empirical data on climate and history.

As a result of the analysis it was established that three thousand-year cycles of global temperature change (the First cycle – from the XXXII century BCE to the middle of the 1st millennium BCE, the Second cycle – from the middle of the 1st millennium BCE to the middle of the 2nd millennium CE, and the Third cycle – from the middle of the 2nd millennium CE to the present day) are corresponded by three synchronous millennium cycles of history synchronized with them. Also, the existence of three civilizational latitudinal strata corresponding to the three specified cycles and replacing each other in the direction from the South to the North is revealed. It was revealed that the material components of civilization development predominantly develop in the direction from East to West, and high spiritual components develop from West to East, following the general rule: the carriers of the F-origin rush to the East, and the carriers of the M-origin rush to the West. In connection with this, the existence of two dually opposite ways of development – spiritual and materialistic, which form a cross with a “point” of intersection in the Second cycle in the Armenian Highland region, is confirmed and concretized. This area is the location of one of the vertices of the Earth’s octahedron. Also, on concrete historical material for the last 52 centuries, the existence of the general trend of the growth of the material component in the life of civilization and the inverse proportional dependence of the overall tendency of the spiritual component’s fall is corroborated, which correlates with the position of the North Pole of the Earth relative to the center of our Galaxy. The tendency in the spiritual sphere, in particular, was expressed by the fact that at the beginning of the Second cycle in the Armenian Highland region a division of the model from Nothing, which is the core of the Occidental, or philosophical science, into two of its fundamental components: dual logic and mathematics was revealed. Dual logic, or the principle of yin-yang, subsequently gained its predominant development in the East, and mathematics predominantly in the West. Their separate existence lasted for two and a half thousand years before the materialism peaked in our time. However, according to the model from Nothing, at the peak of materialism in the Third cycle of history, in which the maximum removal of the North Pole from the center of the Galaxy takes place, there must be a radical change in the development of civilization, caused by a global reversal in the development of the common FM-origins of the planet, which will be expressed in the beginning of the growth of spirituality in the society of the planet, with the gradual extinction of materialism.

Apparently, the increase in spirituality should be expressed in the revival of philosophical science as one of the two components of philosophia perennis in the aspect of the manifestation of the mind, and subsequently manifest itself in the revival of the eternal philosophy as a dual integrity of the sensory perception of the original universal spirit and the activity of mind. Philosophical science is reborn as a result of the reunification of the yin-yang and mathematics into a single whole and represents the re-creation of the model from Nothing in interaction with empirical sciences, by the method of the hermeneutic circle. The revival of philosophical science as the highest spiritual value naturally correlates with the spiritual development path, which is already beginning to gradually become more active on the territory of Russia in the Third cycle, following its activation in Ancient Egypt in the First cycle and in Byzantium in the Second cycle. Thus, the model from Nothing on the basis of real historical material itself determines its place and time of rebirth. The definition of philosophical science as the oldest logical-mathematical foundation science is given, and philosophia perennis is determined as the highest spiritual value whose life cycle in the planetary society is determined by the cycle of precession of the Earth’s axis. The revealed general laws of the development of mankind can be used to develop the Russian national idea of the natural path of development. This idea should be determined not by private, one-sided materialistic theories from the Western sciences, but by objective space-time realities of cosmic (cosmic-terrestrial) and climatic-geographical determinism: the location of Russia in the Earth’s octahedron, the current historical moment in the cycle of the precession of the Earth’s axis and embedded in it climatic cycles, geographical features of the Russian land, as well as specific realities of the historical track.

Keywords: philosophical science, the model from Nothing, the historical period of mankind, climatic determinism, the cycle of the precession of the Earth’s axis, the octahedron of the Earth, dual analysis, cosmic determinism, cosmic-terrestrial determinism, the civilizational latitudinal stratum, the peak of materialism, the spiritual path of development, the materialistic path of development , the spiritual and materialistic cross of the development of civilization, historical forecasting, the Russian national idea.