General Theory of Logic and its Reflections in Religions and Sciences

R.P. Selegin

Abstract. The article aims to briefly solve the optimization problem and at the same time to most meaningfully express the majestic picture of the emergence and existence of the general cosmic mind and its manifestation in the no less magnificent for our civilization historical path of development of its mental images from antiquity to modernity. To this end, the conclusion of the general theory of logic, presented in the form of a logical cross of the physical and mathematical model of the origin of the Universe from Nothing and its development with the return back to Nothing, is presented. The fundamental way of the development of people’s thoughts is expressed through the ancient Egyptian mythology, the traditional logic and logic of the Yin-Yang, the Christian and Hindu trinities, and also the new European metaphysics with dialectics. Knowledge of the development of the mind of Cosmos and people should contribute to human well-being in an adequate awareness of themselves as part of the Earth and the Universe.


Keywords: dual logic, formal logic, dialectical logic, modern European metaphysics, ancient Egyptian mythology, the Christian trinity, the Hindu triad,  the logic of Yin-Yang, logical cross, model from Nothing.