Public Appeal to People’s Representatives about Blocking the Development of Fundamental Theoretical Science in Russia

R.P. Selegin

Over the past centuries, Russia has been under the overwhelming influence of the culture of the West, which in the spectrum of its development has experienced an explainable series of breakthroughs – from highly spiritual to high-tech. The backbone of this development was empirical science (from natural philosophy to modern natural science), which formed the overall materialistic paradigm of Western civilization. In natural science, this paradigm exhausted itself down to the smallest particles of matter back in the first half of the last century, and now the sun of Western political ideology has come to a close, which was recently publicly noted even by the first officials of Russia and France, saying about the end of liberalism and the end of Western hegemony. To get out of the paradigmatic crisis, a breakthrough into fundamentally new areas of knowledge is required. Without this, Russia will be left only to imitate and try to catch up with either the prosperous West or the flourishing East, which has taken the economic baton over from the West. The development of a full-fledged civilization can only begin with a highly spiritual impetus. It is not good for the majestic Russia, which occupies one-ninth of the earth’s land, to rush between the two shores. In this situation, the flagships of Russian science on the most general issues of the development of nature, society and human thinking should roll up their sleeves and actively search for a way out of the civilizational crisis, but the official philosophy is not to be seen or heard in this most urgent field. Instead, it carelessly delves into entertainments by holding a competition for the best text “On the benefits and harms of philosophy for life” (, knowing full well that it cannot even properly define philosophy. What could be more exciting than looking for the benefits and harms of something anonymous and non-defined?! At the same time, in the spring of the same year (April 25, 2019), I made an official appeal to the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University in order to conduct a scientific examination of the General Theory of Logic of Development, which includes the theory of materialistic development. However, the leading representatives of official philosophy completely ignored this appeal, thereby creating a blockade for the theory that was apparently not convenient for them personally.

The blockage arose as a result of a collision between the obsolete materialistic paradigm, which has become completely familiar to everyone over several centuries of its existence, and the General Theory of Logic, which, in accordance with the cyclical development of civilization, goes significantly beyond the framework of this paradigm.

Blocking of the General Theory by specialized state institutions has brought about the necessity to appeal to the people’s representatives, believing that the interests of the people in overcoming the global general cultural crisis should be higher than the private interests of bureaucrats of science. This appeal is addressed to the State Duma of Russia, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the editorial board of the public-political newspaper Argumenty i Fakty, represented by their leaders.

Dear Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin!

Dear Valery Aleksandrovich Fadeev!

Dear Igor Alexandrovich Chernyak!

Your organizations, representing the interests of society, have the necessary authority to assist in the paradoxical situation that has arisen, when the official science, called by society and the state to engage in the development of science, refuses to fulfill its function: namely, to carry out scientific expertise of a fundamentally new science, which has a basis for overcoming the arisen paradigmatic crisis. As you can see, the reason for seeking assistance is more than serious.

Below is a brief description of the basis for assisting in the scientific examination of General Theory of Logic, presented in the following subsections:

1) the purpose of the examination,

2) the scientific basis for the appeal,

3) the fact of the General Theory blockade,

4) the reasons for the blockade,

5) application of the General Theory, indicating four strategically important arguments in favor of its necessity for the Russian society.