The Second Public Appeal to the People’s Representatives about the Ongoing Blockade of Fundamental Theoretical Science in Russia

R.P. Selegin

In his first Public Address to the People’s Representatives on October 15, 2019, the author of the General Theory of Logic asked for assistance in conducting scientific expertise on it by highly qualified specialists. The address was caused by the fact that for a number of years the official science of Russia has been blocking this fundamental theoretical science, completely ignoring the author’s requests for its consideration. And this is happening despite the long-term deep paradigmatic crisis of new European science. The Address indicates not only the facts and reasons for the blockade of the Theory, but also provides a justification for the need for such an examination. An expanded example of a large-scale application of the Theory in the social sphere of Russia is given. The demonstration of this particular example first-hand is connected with the fact that Russian society is now experiencing a deep civilization crisis, which threatens to develop into social upheavals highly destructive for the society. The reason for the emergence of the Russian crisis is largely associated with the borrowing of the paradigmatic ideology of the West over the past centuries, which in Russia has manifested itself most radically since 1917. The very peak of the crisis coincided with the peak of materialism in the modern world (i.e. exorbitant technicalization of life, chaos in the thoughts and behavior of people), which is directly related to the peak of global warming.

Competent representatives of the state legislative and executive authorities responded to the Public Appeal of October 15, 2019, arriving at the conclusion about the advisability of considering the General Theory of Logic in the Russian Academy of Sciences. The author of the Theory, taking advantage of the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Science, applied to the Russian Academy of Sciences for a scientific examination of the Theory. However, the Academy fraudulently evaded this examination. Thus, in spite of some assistance from the legislative and executive authorities, the persistent blocking of a fundamentally new fundamental science continues.

In connection with the ongoing blocking of the General Theory of Logic, its author again has to turn to the people’s representatives. This appeal is addressed to the State Duma of Russia, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the editorial board of the public-political newspaper Argumenty i Fakty, represented by their leaders.

Dear Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin!

Dear Lydia Yurievna Mikheeva!

Dear Igor Alexandrovich Chernyak!

I am asking you for more substantial, even, perhaps, radical assistance in facilitation of scientific examination of the General Theory of Logic, taking into account not only the potential importance of the Theory for the development of Russian society, but also its potential global significance.

Below is a detailed description of the events that became responses to the Public Address dated 15 October 2019, as well as the comments of the author of Theory to these events.