The Way to Save Russia: Onwards to the Natural Basis

R.P. Selegin

Who are we and what land do we live on? From what time did we come, what time do we live in, and what time do we dream about? Who or what really controls us and how it responds in us? Who will be saved at the unprecedented bend in modern history: the clever or the gullible? These are the many questions, and the answers outnumber them. Shall these questions be solved by sheer numbers? Shall we flood them with an ocean of information? … We might drown in it ourselves, because what is complex in form is essentially false.

Where is the strength of Russia: in money or in truth, in cunningness or in wisdom, in meanness or in justice? No matter how long it takes, Russia will have to solve this issue in the search for its identity.

Why is it that only by looking into your past you can see your future? Only in the mirror you can see yourself from the outside and understand that the right is the left, and the left is the right. It would seem, everyone has seen what the first quarter of the 104th year of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia was like. Is it always so that what is red is meat, what is white is fat, and what glitters is gold? The clothes have a front and a seamy side. The front side is the one that is visible to people, but not visible to oneself, and the seamy side is the one that you yourself feel, but people do not feel. With clothes everything is simple and clear, but with history, everything is much more complicated, although it also has the same two sides. So in the last 104 years of Russian history there is a front and a seamy side. The front is the one that people have already been told about, and the seamy side is tricky to discern. To do this, you need to remember once again what happened in the 104 years, not in the details of history, but to see a picture in large strokes of the whole phenomenon of Russia’s ascent to the top of a materialistic civilization, with quicksand and a bottomless abyss underfoot. And then it will be possible to understand and feel the seamy side, which is not visible. Having discerned the seamy side of the past, it will be possible to understand the seamy side of the future, to grasp its spiritual basis, without which matter turns into chaos; and the details will take care of themselves, growing onto the basis over time.