Explanation of the Hexahemeron

R.P. Selegin

Abstract. This paper presents a complete explanation of the myth about the six days of God’s creation and the seventh day when He rested, or the biblical Hexameron, or the Divine Hebdomada, from the Book of Genesis. The Hebdomada is deciphered both on the whole, as a certain part of the spirit-energy cycle, and in detail, with the explanation of all the terms used in the myth which define the essence of the world creation process. Attempts to decipher the biblical myth have been made for the last 1500 years, but have not yielded the right result.

It has been discovered that the Hebrew creation myth is only a table of contents to the voluminous Egyptian creation myth, for which an almost complete correlation with the model of the origin of the universe from Nothing, or the model from Nothingness, or Living Physics, which is the basis of the Russian fundamental science, had already been found earlier. The author of the Hexameron simply borrowed the Egyptian myth in an extremely abbreviated form for his Pentateuch. The motivation for writing such a brief creation myth and bringing it into the Bible is revealed. A description of the Egyptian myth by the eminent Egyptian theorist Alan Alford is used to compare the two myths.

Using the model from Nothing, it is determined that the Divine Hebdomada describes events pertaining to the second quarter of the spirit-energy cycle, specifically the precessional cycle. The events of the Jewish myth represent a hidden stitching of a part of the cycle of development of the universe as a whole, and a part of the cycle of development of life on Earth. It is established that the seven days of the Hebdomada formally result from dividing of  the day cycle into 24 parts/hours and adding to them four divisions/transitions, separating 4 quarters from each other in the cycle. Hence, the 7 days of the creation are the second quarter of the cycle, which consists of 6 parts plus 1 division/transition between the second and third quarters of the cycle. The division/transition itself, as the middle of the cycle, is a brief period of completion of the self-development of matter, or creation of matter by God, when the peak of Satanic chaos or the Last Judgment happens in the precession cycle, which humanity is currently experiencing.

It has been established that the fundamental principle of the cyclical nature of life is deliberately undisclosed in Hexameron, as well as in the Bible as a whole, for the sake of the political ambitions of the ancient Jewish elite, which required the establishment of rigid dogmatic male monotheism, instead of the real-life dual world order. Such a lopsided understanding of the world structure provided for the cult of materialism in the West, and determined the correspondingly lopsided New European science.

In the process of deciphering the Hexameron, due attention was paid to the manifestation of the number 7 as the most frequent number in the Bible in the formula 6 + 1 = 7 in time and space for the events occurring in the cycle. Examples of such manifestations are given.

The esoteric description of 7 planetary deities from the Sun to Saturn, which provide auspice for the  seven week days, made it possible to find the correlation between these deities and the events of the second quarter of the cycle of development of the spirit-energy in the model from Nothing, and therefore with the 7 days of the Hebdomada. The description of the planetary deities was compiled by Jonathan Black, a specialist in the history of esotericism, proceeding from information from the ancient mystery schools.

The existence of an ancient science called the Cyclic Mythology of the Gods, which is the spiritual component of Living Physics, had already been established previously. Cyclic mythology establishes a certain order of activation of cyclic forces with certain ratios of Male/Female-principles, and to simplify the designation of these forces, they are assigned the names of deities, which determine the sequence of events in the cycle. It becomes clear that the choice of events of the second quarter of the precessional cycle is by no means accidental, since it corresponds to the historic period of existence of humankind, which comprises the last 52 centuries. All the deities of worship in various myths and religions of this period refer specifically to the events of the creation of light during a storm between earth and sky, the onset of peace between them and the subsequent satanic chaos.

In the first half of the cycle of development of spirit-energy into matter in the model from Nothing, a certain branching sequence of events in the development of living organisms takes place. This sequence begins with the birth of the Universe as a single all-encompassing living organism, consisting of a spirit and a body, and ends in the middle of the cycle with the formation of a huge number of living organisms within the Universe. In this developmental path of the first half of the cycle there can be distinguished a spiritual stage (formation in the darkness of the earth and sky), then plant and animal stages, in which a whole spectrum of line-branches can be distinguished from extremely spiritual to extremely materialistic living organisms in the form of a cross division scheme. And in this spectrum of line-branches, the human is the most materialistic animal. At the same time, ancient myths (A. Alford), religions (Bible), esoteric schools (J. Black) and New European science (theologian and physicist V.N. Ilyin), all contain various, but somewhat similar manifestations of this branching sequence. The paper provides comparative analysis of these well-known esoteric and exoteric manifestations with the model from Nothing. The idea of the human as a materialistic animal, already considered earlier, is deepened.

The model from Nothing, as the most general system of knowledge, allows us to classify and combine various known esoteric and exoteric knowledge/data into a single whole, and they, in turn, in their cyclic interaction with the model from Nothing, enrich it with various particular knowledge and information (hermeneutic circle method).

The reasons for choice of deities of worship in the last 52 centuries of the history of human life for certain peoples, depending on their place of residence and on their life time in the precessional cycle are shown on specific examples, including the images of Jehovah and Christ. The choice of worship deities by nations is determined by the cosmic-terrestrial determinism described by Living Physics; in real history, it was made on the basis of scientific knowledge of the world creation events and involving the intuition of people-prophets. Since the history of mankind does not end with the modern peak of materialism in the current precessional cycle, the question of choosing the deities of worship for the various nations of the planet, or, in modern terms, the choice of national ideas, is especially relevant in our time, because since starting from the peak of materialism, humanity has been entering a new world order on the planet, namely the third world order from the beginning of the current precessional cycle. The knowledge of the ancient Living Physics can allow reasonable people to use its soft power in order to resolve international tensions and reduce the risks of hot wars on the planet.

This research work is aimed not so much at deciphering the actual biblical Hexameron, but at further developing the spiritual component of Living Physics and substantiating the possibility of its application for streamlining the life of human societies.

Key words: Hexameron, the Day of Judgment, the Almighty, Creator God, model from Nothing, Living Physics, cyclic forces, cyclic deities, precessional cycle, historical period, choice of the Deity, materialistic animal, number 7.