This site is dedicated to the reconstruction of the ancient scientific paradigm, which, apparently, belonged to primogenitor civilization forming the basis for organization of its life; more than 5 thousand years ago it was handed over to our civilization as heritage of utmost spiritual value.

The paradigm is based on the concepts of causelessness, absolute emptiness, dualism and elementary mathematics of Platonic solids. Unlike the modern materialistic paradigm, the ancient spiritual-materialistic paradigm describes the development of the universe from the primary energy-spirit, which cyclically passes into the mature matter of our existence, then again becoming a spirit. This highest cycle of the world order is described by the logical-mathematical model of the origin of the Universe from the Great Void, or the model from Nothing, which can be called the Science of the Supreme. Since this logical-mathematical model was very complicated for the representatives of the Neolithic culture of Ancient Egypt, so the model was transferred in a simplified form, called the Science of Gods – by the Gods, as the scientific elite of primogenitor civilization was called. This unified Science has both spiritual and material components. The spiritual component, called the Cyclic mythology of the Gods, describes the cyclical development of the life of a civilization during the period of the precession of the Earth’s axis. To put it simply, the cyclical development of life was presented by the Gods in the form of a mythological story with the participation of Osiris, Isis and other divine characters. The material component, called the Theory of Measures of the Gods, describes a single system of space-time measures, some of which, such as the meter and the second, are still used today. The Science of Gods was inherited for the favorable organization of the spiritual and material life of the ancient Egyptians, and bore its general social fruits for about 3 thousand years.

More than 2.5 thousand years ago the model from the Great Void, represented by the Science of Gods, was divided: its mathematics and dual logic began to develop separately, in the West and in the East respectively. In our time, with a steady trend towards synthesis-convergence in the spiritual life of society, the connection of the dual logic and Platonic solids takes place again, which finds expression in their monolithic unity of the model from the Great Void. When comparing it with ancient teachings, myths, religions, and also with modern Western science data, philosophical science, which was lost with the division of the model, began to be recreated. The general theory of logic of the model was empirically confirmed having been analyzed in comparison with the logic of Aristotle, Descartes, and Hegel. The works presented on the site show the possibility of using the model from the Great Void. In natural science it can be used as a cosmogonic-cosmological model of the Universe, and in social science – to identify the most general laws of human history development, in particular, to establish a world-wide materialistic way of civilization development and orthogonal spiritual development path, which can be used to develop national ideologies identical to their natural origins. The latter acquires utmost relevance for the whole of civilization in our time because of the coming polarity reversal in the organization of world order on the planet, which occurs at the peak of materialism development only once in 26 thousand years.

The results of extensive research on deciphering and recognizing five ancient geometric artifacts are presented: the outline of the borders of Ancient Egypt, the three Great Pyramids of Giza and the Jewish Altar of incense. Parametric models of the Earth and the Moon, which combine the numbers of their astrophysical values, were found in the numbers of linear and angular values of these geometrical images. Thus, the meaningful mathematics of the Cosmos was discovered.